Tournament Rules



1.  Black Bass only. Kentucky and Smallmouth varieties included may also be weighed.

2. Black Bass and Kentucky “Spots” must be minimum of 14 inches. Black bass,

Kentucky “Spots” and Smallmouth minimum lengths vary on many lakes but they 

must be at least 14 inches in length or greater to presented for weigh in at club events,

. unless the lake that is selected is a slot lake. Than the rules of that lake will apply. 

Any contestant who attempts to weigh an illegal (short) fish will be disqualified from 

that tournament. A measuring board will be available for contestant’s use before

presenting fish for official (weigh-master) weighing. All state, federal, and local

game laws will be enforced other than special limits set forth by the Burleson

Bass Club. 

3. All fish must be in acceptable condition and clean of debris. No fish on ice will

be weighed.

4. Each contestant will be limited to three (3) bass limit in each tournament.

5. Fish may be caught on artificial bait only. No trolling allowed with the big motor

Fish must be caught from contestant’s boat. (No wading, tubing, kayaking, etc 


6. Only one rod may be used at a time.

7. Contestants may not fish within twenty-five (25) yards from another contestant tied

or anchored boat.

8. Each occupant of a tournament boat must be a contestant.

9. Invited guest, same person, and immediate family will be permitted to fish with a club Member.  Guest will be assessed a $5.00 entry fee, guest will be eligible to complete for Big Bass ONLY. No Guests are allowed to fish the Year End tournament.

10. Trailering is allowed. No fishing permitted before designated starting time.

The honor system applies.


11. Life jackets must be worn while boat is on plane.

12. Those that litter will be disqualified. No drunk or disorderly conduct.

13. Any protest must be filed in writing within fifteen minutes of weigh-

in. All judgment decisions will be made by a majority vote of Board

members present. All decisions will be final.

14. All weigh-ins must be witnessed by at least three (3) contestants.

15. Tournament director will keep the official time.

16. Big Bass will be weighed in individually.

17. Contestants must weigh their fish in on club scales fish to be eligible for prize money. Three 

Places (unless voted on by members) will be paid per tournament (except for year-end)..   

Should fewer than three contestants weigh fish, then the pay-out will be pro-rated as follows;


100% 1st– 60% 1st – 50% 

 2nd – 40% 2nd – 30% 

3rd – 20%  

18. Big bass pot places will be determined by the members vote. 

19. All prizes for the tournament day will be awarded at the following meeting.

20. The monthly tournament location will be chosen in the following manner.

(A) The Membership will choose three (3) lakes. 

(B) The Membership will vote on these three (3) lakes.

(C) The majority votes will decide the lake

21. All tournaments will be on the 2ndweekend after the monthly meeting if at all 

Possible the Board of Directors will reschedule dates when necessary.

22. All money and prizes not claimed by December meeting will become the property of 

the Burleson Bass Club.

23. The Board of Directors will set rules and pay out for all special. open, and regular

monthly tournament keeping in mind that the club should keep approximately 

$2,000.00 in the bank for emergency and operating funds.

24. Tournament places that are tries will be combined or decided by a toss of a coin.

25. Tournament contestants are subject to polygraph examination as deemed necessary

by the Board of Directors. Failure to pass such examination will result in immediate

expulsion from the Burleson Bass Club and notification to other clubs in the area. 

Burleson bass club also retains the right to initiate legal action.

26. Club standings will be decided by a member’s total pounds plus points based on the

regular monthly club tournaments.

Points are as follows: 

1st --- 5 points

2nd --- 4 points

3rd--- 3 points

4th --- 2 points

5th--- 1 point

27. The utilization of guides is prohibited for two (2) weeks prior to scheduled 


28. The club will not fish back-to-back lakes for the regularly scheduled monthly


29. The winner of the monthly club tournament will bring to the meeting the bait (New one) that 

he or she used to win the tournament. The club will determine the use of the baits ( raffle 

sell of the baits)

Tournament rules amended 8/12/2019